Begin Again

Being a hermit at heart, I am unsuited to a great many careers.

In college I claimed I was going to be an English professor, but that plan was probably just an excuse to go to graduate school.

In graduate school I learned that I did not want to be an English professor. But in the course of various part-time library jobs, I discovered a new career goal: I wanted to sit in the basement of a large research library and type card-catalogue cards. (I still think fondly of that dream job in moments of stress.)

Then, in the back of one of his books, I read that the pseudonymous poet John Bricuth “lives in seclusion.” (Lightbulb!) It sounded so marvelous, living in seclusion. From that moment I aspired to be a pseudonymous author…

(Unbeknownst to me, that card-catalogue-typing job was about to be eliminated by the advent of the computer anyway.)