Extra Credit

The other day my favorite client offered me a new editing project. I’ve worked with this organization on a regular basis for almost fifteen years, and I currently have more than a year’s schedule of deadlines for one of their ongoing projects already on my calendar. But once in a while something extra comes up.

Sometimes my contact’s department gets overbooked. Sometimes another department hands her a big project she doesn’t have time for. Sometimes someone else in the organization asks her to recommend a freelancer.

And whatever they need, I will help if I possibly can. This organization is everything I love in a client.

Take this new project, for example: a “heavy copyedit” of about 150 pages. I ask, What’s the timetable? The client had the schedule set up well in advance, so they know exactly how much time they can give me to do my part. As usual, the turnaround time is very reasonable. Yay!

Is there a style sheet? My contact immediately e-mails me a two-page document detailing the preferred treatment of a host of style issues particular to this project. (In addition, I will refer frequently to the organization’s substantial in-house style guide.) Ha!

The style sheet brings me to what I love most about this client: they insist that everything they publish be well written, consistent, accurate, grammatically correct, and stylistically professional. Every one of their projects goes through multiple levels of editing. They like and appreciate editors! They believe in proofreading!

All right, I’ll stop gushing and go look for dangling modifiers…

(And you were worried that a blog by a hermit would be nothing but one snarky pet peeve after another. Ahem, that said, do NOT get me started on the subject of Spell Check.)