So many aspects of my Real Life are difficult or impossible to control (clutter, e-mail, cats, time), but here in this virtual space I can cultivate a certain degree of minimalism. I find that very soothing.

Recently, in a search for even greater virtual minimalism, I considered switching to a more stripped-down Wordpress theme, and I researched several possibilities. I was especially impressed by Ponder, a free theme from the multitalented Paul Jarvis. Clean, stylish, and understated, it lets the text stand on its own.

I did try it out, but in the end, I decided against Ponder for a couple of reasons: First, the control freak in me just couldn’t relinquish all customizability (I like to choose my fonts, for example, and I’m partial to serifs). And second, I wasn’t quite ready to give up comments.

So for now I’ll stick with the very flexible Basic theme from Themifywhich is simple enough for a non-techy but customizable enough for a compulsive customizer.

I still aspire to Ponder-level focus, but I’m not there yet.